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Imagination brought to life in fabric

~I am a creative messymaker, dollmaker, instructor and pattern designer bringing Imagination to Life in Fabric~

Thank you for visiting! Welcome to Season of Santa and Friends. Here you will find links to my one of a kind or limited edition finished dolls, handmade by me, one at a time, from my own designs. Many of my finished dolls are entirely hand stitched. I also plan to do a line of what I call Adapted Beyond Recognition which will be things made from patterns by other designers. And did I mention maybe some stitching or paper mache added to the mix? I do still have some of my ePatterns available in my SHOP link above. I'm trying to decided if I will continue to make patterns or not as some of my patterns and patterns by my fellow pattern designers are being pirated all over the world and we are not making a dent in stopping them. Online Workshop Classes are on my worktable again. My time is limited, but creating is healing and good for the soul so I have to have my quiet time for gentle stitching. Please sign up to follow my happenings and sales by email or check back you never know what will spark my imagination next! ~Edna~

Begin Again...

Several years ago Poppa built me a sweet Little Old House.  It was filled to the brim with my handmade dolls and collectibles, doll supplies and antiques.  In recent years my Little Old House has fallen into disarray.  A storm blew the door open and various and sundry critters took up residence inside [mice, rats, a snake, birds, raccoons, squirrels that I know of so far], and destroyed it's contents; knocking my handmade ceramic Santa collections off of shelves, chewing the wool hair off of my dolls and general mayhem and mischief.  I really can't blame them for loving to play in my Little Old House because I use to really enjoy it when I had more time.

The BEGIN AGAIN process is slowly underway starting with restoring this Elf that I made many years ago.  Poppa sculpted the head using polymer clay and I made the body, hands, shoes and dressed this sweetness.  The mice loved his wool hair and beard so now it has been trimmed very short.  He has been disinfected, his head will be attached again, his clothing refreshed and he can again hold a special place in my handmade collection.

Enjoy the process no matter what you are involved in.  Creating is healing and good for the soul.

Until next time...